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Dania’s love and passion for art began on the shores of Cawaja Beach on Canada’s Georgian Bay. As a small girl she would use a stick and make drawings in the dark wet sands. It fascinated her that a simple line could evoke so many different images and feelings. This was the spark that ignited her life long dedication to art. It also defined her style of painting which is characterized by bold, structured yet free-flowing lines and vibrant colour which she puts on with brushes, her fingers and objects that she finds.Oil Pastels, Chalk Pastels, Watercolours, and Acrylics. are the mediums that Dania uses.

Although having some formal education Dania is mostly self-taught.   Vincent Van Gogh, Daumier, Picasso and Tom Thomson were her main inspirations along with the line drawings in prehistoric cave paintings. The  deep rich colours of the Renaissance and the wild exciting abstract paintings deepened Dania’s passion for painting.  She took from all of  them the things that resonated the strongest and applied that to her work. Another big influence  for over 20 years has been teaching art workshops to persons of different ages and abilities and seeing them discover art’s beauty. Their innocent style of painting which is free from any formalities  is motivating for Dania to watch. Music, nature and people are  the main inspirations in her paintings.


Dania was born in Toronto, Canada, of Polish/Spanish Heritage. Since 2009 her home has been north east of Havelock Ontario on 45 acres of forest along the Crowe River, surrounded by woods, incredible wild life, and the great rocky outcrops of the Canadian Shield. She lives there with her husband Al, an award winning musician and their three cats.

Dania  has had numerous solo and group showings, and has won awards for her paintings.  Her art has been featured in films, ads and TV specials. She was the subject of two televised documentaries; CBC's Sunday Arts Entertainment, and Bravo's Talkin'Blues airing in both Canada and the USA. Her works are collected internationally by both the public and private sectors. Peace



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